Pintos Cold Storage and Ice Plant

The Firm is focused on processing, preserving and exporting Seafood products all over the world. In the initial year, the firm will trade our products in the local and national market. Our future Endeavour is to process, preserve and market meat, vegetable and fruit products, nationally and globally too. Our goal is to combine our professional expertise with cutting-edge technology, adherence to the most contemporary national and global standards in health and hygiene and make our product every household desire.
Pintos Cold Storge and Ice Plant is also committed to providing crushed ice to the Fishing industry with our state of the art and latest technology Ice Plant, cutting in the production time and making ice available at a short notice. It will also help to partially fill in the void of supply of ice, especially in South Goa and serve the fishing community to reduce down time in procuring the ice and increase productivity.




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Gabriel Pinto

• Nazario Pinto

• Sanjiv Gomes

• Suleman Ahamad

• Ariston .E. Seveeres